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About Delta Chi Chapter

Delta Chi Chapter, was Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc’s, college chapter chartered on June 14, 1953 at Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York. The original members (as listed on the chapter charter) were Hector Novell, Steve Robinson, Conrad Cathcart, Roscoe Nash, John Gorham, Phil Wilson, Parker Samples and Cordel Jennings.


In the Winter December 1953, No. 4 (Vol 39) edition of the The Sphinx – the official organ of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc – in an article entitled, “Good News in Dodgertown”, Chapter President Brother Stanley Taylor offered the following Eta Chapter Brothers as founders of Delta Chi; Willie W. Reece, Wallace E. Cowan, Richard B. Worrell, Arnold J. White, Arnet W. Counts, Ira H. Murphy, Robert Maxey, Stanton D. Callender, Stanley Taylor, Alvin B. Steele, Bernard C. Parris, Wendel A. Reid, Theodore L. Bell, Edward L. Weems, Claude L. Franklin, Jr., Arthur Q. Funn, and Calvin Browne.

In the May 1954 issue of The Sphinx, the Brooklyn Alumni Chapter Gamma Iota Lambda stated that they were, “one of the three New York chapters active in setting up our new Brooklyn undergraduate chapter, Delta Chi.”

Delta Chi remained seated in Brooklyn, New York until the mid 1960s when the chapter expanded into the outer boroughs (outside of Manhattan’s Eta Chapter seat) into Queens and Staten Island, New York. In addition to its Brooklyn College, brothers were initiated between the late 1960s to nearly 2000 from several colleges and universities including Long Island Univ – Brooklyn, Polytechnic University (NYU School of Eng), St. Francis College, The Pratt Institute, New York Institute of Technology, Wagner College, St. John’s University, and Queens College.

Within the last decade, the charter seat returned exclusively to Brooklyn College. For decades, Delta Chi Chapter has cultivated a culture of scholarship, manly deeds and love for all mankind within its member schools and the community at large. Members have engaged in numerous charitable activities, leadership development, student engagement, and civic protests for the past 60 years. As our first chapter president, Brother Taylor stated in his open letter in 1953, “The symbol employed by Delta Chi is that life is a dance over fire and water. It is always a dance, the doing process, and always involves danger, the challenges… Delta Chi is the acme of new life and success for the new tree that now grows in Brooklyn.”


Delta Chi Brothers cover a wide array of professional interests such as engineering, law, business, technology, politics, religion and the arts, as we continue unabated in nurturing the tree that spouted in 1953 in Brooklyn. 

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