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2022 Annual Dinner

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

The 2022 Delta Chi alumni dinner held at The Capital Grille in NYC on Fri, Dec 30, is officially in the books. This one will be marked as a coming of age story of sorts, passing the torch of sobriety to a new generation of Brothers, and acknowledging the need to procreate our college chapter with new men from Brooklyn College and other metro Brooklyn Schools. Brothers, in our customary fashion, entered the venue with grip, warm embraces, and expressions of love, basking in the warmth of gratitude for God's blessing allowing us to gather once again.

Much kudos goes to our moderators, Brothers ⁨Phillip Jebamany⁩ and Jerrold Luberis⁩ for their easy, no frills ceremonial leadership. Despite the health concerns of the day, and several Brothers recovering from surgeries this year, about 27 of us gathered on an unseasonably warm Winter evening in bustling Manhattan. The 308 Alumni Group Fund President, Brother Derek Fordjour provided a brief recap of the fund's goal for 2022, and aroused the Brothers' sensibilities on the need for economic growth and a resumption of giving in the coming year. Thank you Brother Jamar White⁩ for setting the tone of realness when it comes to Delta Chi Brothers giving equal measure of rhetoric when climbing the mountain of success, while also sharing our pain and vulnerability from the depths of our private valleys. Glassy eyed truth has rarely been uttered amongst men taught to always fake it before we make it.

The overarching mood of the evening permeated from the introspection and eloquence of several of the younger Brothers in attendance, namely Fitzroy Mallet, Jr.⁩, Jude Allume⁩, ⁨Muktar Adebayo⁩, ⁨Carrington Amey⁩, and ⁨Luis Guerrero⁩ whose discourse were simultaneously heartfelt and impressive.

Welcoming Brothers to our gathering for the first time is always refreshing with Brothers Rachid Murad⁩ and Darlton Haskins bringing their progeny Jared and Gerard, respectively, and hearing insights from Brothers Marcel DesRoaches and Serge DeVilme. How others speak with admiration during these dinners is a great barometer for the sheer power of Brotherhood with a Brooklyn "Street Chapter" sentimentality dripping from the walls in the room. Thank you Brother Haskins for helping us remember and lift in prayer those Alpha men from Delta Chi that entered Omega Chapter this year, which include Brothers Lummie Spann (DX '68) and Melvin D. Walker (DX '72). Many thanks to the Brothers that counterbalanced the real with their trademarked positivity and head tilting humor, namely Brothers Sean-Reed McGee - missing only one dinner in the history of dinners, and Idris Olayokun - bringing Brothers Marc Lyn and Josh Pyram in virtually to give greetings from afar. Deference and immense gratitude to our 50-year Brothers Darlton Haskins and Joe Grant for being ever-present, loving, and exemplifying the truest spirit of fraternity. You are revered by your younger Brothers and never ever have to pay for a cocktail or thick steak.

Brother ⁨Dele Oladapo⁩, our barometer - the personage of Delta Chi if we were forced at gunpoint to place an image in Wikipedia - brought his usual full wattage of power and punctuated the evening with a passion that embodies the true heart and soul of this chapter. DELTA CHI IS OUR BABY! A toast to the Brothers there that basked silently enjoying the Brotherhood, libations and great meal. Another toast to the Delta Chi Brothers while not there were with us in spirit. We must endeavor to gather in 2023 during the 70th year of our charter and 30th anniversary of this version of our annual dinner.

Brothers, this evening was light hearted, familial, honest, and utterly fraternal as we ended with hymn, a group photo and a parting toast. This evening was one for the historic annals of the 308th House of Alpha.

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