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2023 Annual Dinner

Updated: Jan 8

Greetings Brothers,

Delta Chi Alumni and legacy Brothers gathered at Brooklyn Chop House - Times Square on Sat, Dec 30, at 5:00 PM to exchange grip and greetings, dine, and share fraternal tidings.

This year's dinner confirmed our expectation as an evening of camaraderie, fellowship, and celebration as twenty-seven Brothers converged near the physical center of Manhattan to honor our fraternity's values and achievements. The event featured an exquisite dinner at the renowned Brooklyn Chop House, a Black-owned establishment offering a delightful culinary experience that reflects the sophistication and unity of our fraternity.

Many thanks to our Cocktail Sponsors, Brothers Derek Fordjour and Dele Oladapo!

While the Brothers relished the delicious cocktails roundly lubricating our discussions, the beverage were not necessary for our participants to engage with an agenda well prepared by Brothers James Brown and Carrington Amey. Brother Rob Wyatt led the social discussion around various topics including new jobs, new business or entrepreneurial endeavors, graduations, marriages, child births, as so forth. Brother Derek Fordjour led the update and contribution solicitation for the 308 Alumni Group Fund, Inc.

We also heard wisdom and perspective for our senior Brothers Joe Grant '69, Darlton Haskins '70, and Thomas Howard '75.

Thank you to all the Brothers that supported the event with a dinner sponsorship, namely Brothers Joe Alexis, Tyrone Ashe, Mike Bertty, Omelie Bramwell, James Brown, Donovan Deans, Burt Foster, Luis Guerrero, Les St Louis, Sheldon White and Rob Wyatt.

Special recognition to Bro. Stephen Palmer who sponsored the photographic undertaking. Please enjoy the photo collage below courtesy of Bro. Josh Pyram and 350 Studios LLC.